Pure Midway & the Midway Historic Preservation Committee present

Walk to Explore the Stories of Midway & Preserve a Rural Future


September 14-19




Please remember to use physical distancing while participating and wear a facemask when entering businesses. Our goal is to have a healthy event. Please do breathe in and savor the fresh mountain air.

Why a Virtual Event?

This year, more than ever, we want Midway residents and visitors to get outside safely, rejuvenate your souls in the crisp clean mountain air, and reconnect with people in a beautiful rural setting!

It’s been a long 6 months and even though we had high hopes of holding an even more exciting event and after-party than last year, we have decided we still want to highlight Midway’s amazing history and focus on where we go from here.

In working with the health department and Covid cases on the rise and strict limitations on what we would be able to do in person, we decided to continue this amazing tradition virtually and interactively to get people out on the trails and enjoying this healing, heavenly city, even without a structured event!

We are so fortunate to have open spaces where we can social distance safely and we need your help more than ever to preserve this way of life and preserve the rural space. Midway is under immense development pressure which is continually increasing.

For every $10 donation, you will automatically be entered for a drawing with prizes from local merchants

For example, a donation of $100 enters you 10 times!

What is the purpose of a Volksmarch?

Volksmarching is a European tradition that involves people of all ages in a fun, non-competitive 5k or 10k walk to bring people together and celebrate what makes their town unique.     

We began this tradition to raise awareness of the need to protect the rural and agricultural feel of Midway as immense development pressure is upon us.

Midway’s Volksmarch will take walkers past historic homes, barns, unique geologic features as well as our quaint businesses on Main Street, and to the top of our iconic Memorial Hill. The Midway Volksmarch is the perfect kick-off to the beautiful fall season. 

The American Volksmarch Association  is America’s Walking Club, promoting walking for fun, fitness, and friendship.  Learn more at www.ava.org.

Where do I begin the route?

Find a parking spot anywhere along the route and just head out! Check the app for the map. Midway’s Virtual Volksmarch is a choose-your-own-adventure style walking tour, which will take walkers past historic homes, barns, unique geologic features as well as our local businesses on Main Street. Participants will venture to the top of our iconic Memorial Hill,  the Kohler Dairy, and to our quaint Midway Town Square. Walkers may choose to walk to any or all of the sites.

Be sure to stop by Fernweh, Spruce Design, or Kohler Dairy to pick up an autographed Robert Duncan print and support preservation efforts. (The historic mile is accessed from the 5k route along Main Street and 100 North.)

Suggested Parking:

How do I use the app?
Download the App

The Midway Volksmarch Historic Tour will be available through the Utah Heritage Walks app on Monday, September 14th.

Anyone can download the Utah Heritage Walks app for free through the App Store from a smartphone or tablet.

Users will then be able to download the Midway Volksmarch Historic Tour and choose from either the 10K route or 5K route.  The historic mile is along Main Street and 100 North, accessed from the 5k route.

Once downloaded, you will have access any time you choose to begin. Each stop will have a photograph and brief description of the historical site.  Users can click on the GPS icon to see where they are on the route.

Walking tours can also be found by clicking on “View Map”

All routes are designed as a round trip from any stop chosen as the “start point.”

So download the Midway Volksmarch Historic Tour on the Utah Heritage Walks app and enjoy our town’s rich history!

How long does the walk take & what should I bring?

Three routes are available. If you just walk at a leisurely pace and take breaks to eat or shop, the historic mile (accessed from the 5K route) could take about ½-1 hour, the 5k route could take about 1-2 hours, and the 10k about 2 ½- 4 hours.

The routes wind around Midway along neighborhood streets and roadways where, at times, you will be walking on the shoulder.  Please be sure to obey all pedestrian rules of the road should you be walking where there is no sidewalk or trail.Strollers and wheelchairs are fine, but may be difficult if you choose to go up Memorial Hill. Leave time for shopping and dining! Bring a walking stick, water bottle, sunscreen, and any other items you will need.  Lederhosen is welcome and encouraged!

What do we receive for participating?

We will not be charging registration fees, so there will not be an official stucknagel/pin for this year.

Since we won’t be able to have a single event, we are featuring local artist, Robert Duncan, and celebrating his paintings which have captured the essence of rural Midway, which we are striving to preserve for future generations.  He has graciously donated a commemorative print. If you would like to purchase one or a Pure Midway hat, visit these 3 businesses. All proceeds go directly to the rural preservation of Midway.

Spruce Decor – 206 W Main St,

Fernweh Lefestyle – 260 E Main St

Kohler Dairy – 920 River Rd

Are pets allowed?

Definitely! Please be courteous if you have your pets by keeping them on a leash and picking up after  them. Remember no pets are allowed on City Square.

What were the results of last year’s Volksmarch?

We had such a wonderful inaugural event! PureMidway has dedicated funds to Midway City to help complete a circuit of trails and will be helping to provide wayfinding signs along the (almost) completed new trails. You’ve probably seen the trail progress on River Road and 600 N.

Get out and enjoy the trails! And look forward to next year’s Volksmarch.

What is the Purpose for fundraising?

Pure Midway is dedicated to providing education regarding agricultural and rural preservation aspects. We will be dedicating funds this year to help with the Albert Kohler Legacy Farm Conservation Easement that is in process but needs to raise matching grant money. This will preserve approx. 100 acres of pristine farmland and cow pastures that we all love and value.  

For every $10 you donate, you will be automatically entered into a drawing for some amazing Midway prizes! Drawing will take place Saturday afternoon, Sep 19th.

Please stop in and visit our amazing restaurants and charming stores! Support local businesses as they struggle to survive the impacts of Covid19. Many will be offering special menu items or business discounts. We will update those on our website as we become aware of them.

Who is Pure Midway?

Pure Midway is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was started three years ago with a goal of preserving Midway’s rural heritage.  The group has helped with zoning initiatives to promote rural preservation. Pure Midway was also instrumental in getting the open space bonds on the ballots and passed.  Pure Midway is dedicated to thoughtful growth and providing options for landowners to preserve the rural character, open space and heritage of Midway, Utah.

Round up the family and friends, choose a course, and come have some fun!

Support each other, Support local businesses and Support open space efforts!