October 21, 2017

Mythbusters #3

As part of a running series, today’s post is Mythbuster #3


Myth:  Pure Midway doesn’t care about the old-timers in Midway.

Truth:  Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of us are old-timers from Midway! We are all concerned that as Midway continues to grow, the old timers will get the biggest squeeze, and will probably be pushed out, just as has happened in Park City. We don’t want that to happen here, we want to promote a balanced and open problem solving culture that doesn’t pit rich against poor or old against new. We want to avoid bad outcomes like higher taxes, increasing traffic and pollution, rising cost of living, etc. We are not the ones creating a divide. For every generally negative statement you have heard about Pure Midway, try to find hard evidence that we actually did that thing. If you actually find something, we welcome you to bring that forward to discuss.

One Comment on “Mythbusters #3

Clint Coleman
November 3, 2017 at 8:38 pm

Hi guys

Because I am not a social media user I am reaching out to you via your website. Thank you for your comments and thoughs about the devide that is in our community.

While I applaud your efforts in the things you have done over the past few years there is still much to be done.

In this last myth buster article you ask to site specific instances where PM is causing a devide.

The first one for me that comes to mind is as I have said before Ken M. And the way he handled himself at the meeting for the bond vote. Yes I know Ken is not a member of PM but he has been associated directly with you.

Next would be the way Celest commented at the round table meetings that quote (and im paraphrasing) “come hell or high water we are getting a bond on this years ballot” how dose that not divide our community when some people in that room did not want a bond?

Third why would you have filed your 501c3 in Park City? If Midway is your cause why then would you not make every part of your organization about Midway? Some may say this is a technicality but to those of us who were born, raised, and live here this is NOT a technicality.

Finally, it has been months since the no vote for the bond. Aside from the myth buster bits and a few other notes PM has been pretty much on the defence as to why PM wanted a bond. Rather than pull your boot straps up and get back to work some members (NOT the organization as a whole) have chosen to continue to defend PM’s stance on the bond. The fact is if PM would have said we support the communities decisions not to do a bond right now and we hope to educate the public and possably bond in the future. Yes it was a public decision not to put the bond on the ballot this year. We elected the CC to help make decisions like this and they did just that.

Having lived here my whole life I can tell you there has never been a divide like this. It is tangible and daily people talk to me about it. They say they feel it coming up provo canyon, across Midway lane, and down river road. Maybe PM as a whole is not responsible but many of your members and some your leadership is. If I need to explain this more feel free to contact me on november 8th and we can talk. (Thats a hint by the way)


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